William Beaver, Ph.D

Dr. William Beaver is the Chief Technology Officer and cofounder�of Mirador, a machine�learning and financial technology developer that enables banks and traditional lenders to�produce commercial loans quickly and more efficiently.�Over the past decade, William has researched and built adaptive, selflearningsystems for�bioinformatics, audio classification, video analysis, 1D signal processing, financial engineering,image processing for microscopy, humancomputer�interaction, and scientific computing.�In addition to his research, William has over 15 years of technical and management experience�in software engineering and product development.He oversaw frontend�engineering for retail�brokerage Datek, the pioneer in online stock trading. At Deloitte he designed and managed the�loan origination and servicing system for Federal Direct Student Lending.Mirador technology enables financial institutions to operate a state of the art loan program. The�streamlined borrower experience and digital workflow virtually eliminates paperwork, reduces�preparation costs, and drastically reduces the time needed to underwrite a small business loan.�Predictive risk algorithms apply machine learning principles and rich sets of alternative data to�evaluate and monitor small business loans more effectively and with lower default rates. By�making it easier to obtain responsible loans from their bank or credit union, Mirador strives to�boost financial institution lending and reduce the small business financing gap.William holds a BSc from Carnegie Mellon University, a MSc from Columbia University, and a�PhD from the University of California, San Diego.