BankThink submission guidelines

BankThink is about ideas, trends and other developments in financial services. We welcome submissions that take a strong point of view. Please read these guidelines carefully before submitting.

We value opinion-driven pieces over advice-driven ones. We will consider advice pieces, but they should be geared toward advice for the financial services industry rather than a broad consumer audience. In all cases, the author must make an argument and back it up. The topics and styles of BankThink posts are diverse (some examples of accepted pieces).

We do not accept explicit or veiled promotional pieces. The conclusion should not lead to a recommendation for a specific category of product or service, especially if the author (or a company the author represents) sells these products or services.

Please include a high-resolution digital color photo of the author, if available.

A submission cannot be fully considered until it is in draft written form. Contributors may send abstracts, but we prefer the full version.

Please be patient for a response. While we strive to consider all submissions, some contributors may not hear back. If there is a delay in hearing back from us, that does not mean we are ignoring you.

Submissions should be exclusive to us. Authors must be willing to grant rights to American Banker and all other publications owned by SourceMedia. If you would like to excerpt or adapt material that has appeared, or will appear, in another form, please discuss it with us.

Headlines for BankThink posts are written by American Banker’s editorial staff. We strive to make each headline an accurate reflection of the piece. Suggested headlines are encouraged.

Please provide online links to source materials and other related web content whenever relevant. Include any important attributions/citations within the text. Send articles as text. Avoid fancy formatting: no charts or bulleted/numerical lists.

Please try to keep submissions to less than 1000 words. We reserve the right to trim longer pieces.

Avoid jargon. Though our audience is familiar with many technical topics, we strive to use language that is clear and accessible to the layperson. Don't refer to software as "solutions," don't use the term "holistic" unless referring to spa treatments.

Firsthand, first-person observations and anecdotes are welcomed and encouraged when appropriate. We value the variety of our contributors’ backgrounds..

Once a piece is edited, you may be asked to approve it for publication by an expedited deadline. In most cases deadlines are rolling, but if an article is relevant to breaking news, please get it to us as soon as possible.

Please include a short bio, including the author(s) title and a very brief description of his or her company/organization. You may also add the author’s Twitter handle.

Send submissions to Victoria Finkle. (Please be patient for a response.)