10 Years, A Million Changes

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It was officially born in Switzerland in 1991: the World Wide Web. But the birth announcement couldn't really be read by most folks until the release of what many consider to be the first public Internet browser, Mosaic. In an amazingly short period of time Mosaic, and its progeny the better-known Netscape and Explorer browsers, would be on the desktops of credit union executives and, just as importantly, their members.

In this issue, CU Journal readers from around the world (yet another result of the World Wide Web) share early recollections of the Internet, and offer keen insights into what they believe lies ahead, with coverage beginning on page 14, and a special report on the history of the browser starts on page 28.

The Internet also led to the creation of the so-called Digital Divide between the electronic haves and have-nots, and some readers may be surprised to learn that even today, only half of credit unions have a website (see chart, page 28). In this special Technology Report, readers will also find:

* Two Texas CUs say their sites stack up to any banks' -page 11

* Two CUs have different views of member-directed ACH -page 12

* Views & Opinion on the implementation of technology -pages 19, 20

* Two successful online lenders share advice on what works -page 22

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