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Congress isn't just clueless. They are dynamically and robustly anti-clueful. A lot of Congress wants to fix a problem they are unsure of.

-John Perry Barlow

Sure I advocate credit unionism. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

-Norm D'Amours

There's microeconomics, there's macroeconomics, and when it comes to the Fed, there's psychoeconomics.

-Dr. Gene Stanaland

I think the real message to credit unions is this is going to be a tougher job than they think it's going to be. They don't realize the pressures their congressmen are under.

-Ken Robinson, NAFCU CEO, on what it means to lobby Congress to get HR 151 passed.

The crocodile tears the bankers are crying are ridiculous. They want us to revert to 1934 while they stay in 1997.

-Bill Broxterman

You have to say (to Congress), "I'm going to be there and I'm gong to be so obnoxious that there is no way you can vote against me."

-Michael Dunn

You can no longer disregard the Internet as a novelty for educational and electronic credit unions."

-Sam Tuhoey

When people had the little stuff, credit unions could take care of them. Today, can you?

-Kent Stickler

Bankers want to watch you whither and die. They want to watch you go to s&l heaven.

-CUNA Chair Buck Levins.

There's a lot of advertising going on that stresses the positives of bankruptcy.

-Bob Trethaway

Banks say they just want a level playing field. You know, the Christians and the lions were on a level playing field.

-Cole Finagan

Today, BofA makes $450,000 a day in surcharges. You think it will ever go away?

-Gary Raddon

Each person in this room must be computer literate. If you're not online, you're in the breadline.

-Dr. Dennis Waitley

If you stay the same and your demographics change, you're out of business.

-Robert Tucker

More and more of the products we're looking at are PC-based.

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