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In our planning sessions we hear, We can't be all things to all people.' And then Monday morning comes and it's "All things to all people."

-John Gregoire

On CUs as shopping portals: "I think it's a disservice to be dealing with issues surrounding why the crock pot the member ordered doesn't work.

-Michael Scheuerman

Why do some planning sessions fail? There's no plan.

-Rory Rowland

If you have a really good, solid field of membership your credit union is going to do well even with a mediocre management team. But if your field of membership is dwindling and not going anywhere, even an outstanding management team can't do anything.

-Tim Harrington

When I went around and met with many employees at (NCUA), there were many who said it was the first time a chairman had ever shown up on their floor.

-Dennis Dollar

Identify now the people in your organization who, if they won the lottery and left tomorrow, take the keys to the kingdom with them, because they are so indispensable.

-Jane Moyer

When people join a small credit union they don't sign a pledge that says, "I'm not interested in a full set of offerings."

-Steve Goldberg

A loan officer making a car loan doesn't need to know how the engine works. What the commercial lending officer needs to know is far more substantial.

-Tracy Jean Ashfield

We can't forget where we came from, but by the same token, we can't ignore where we're going.

-John Bratsakis

Young populations are hungry for information, and if you provide it for them you have them for life.

-Andrew Erlich

With home banking anyone can do what they want. I think the FOM limitation is archaic.

-Dorothy Nouhan

No matter where people are they want to be treated like a king or queen. If they are not they will go somewhere else.

-Carol Vance

Credit unions used to go to their lawmakers' offices with their little hats in hand hoping they would help. We complacently believed that we're the good guys, they ought to know that, and surely they'll look out for us. That's not the way it works.

-John Franklin

It's a new millennium and it's time for credit unions to walk with their heads high. No more ducking and weaving in fear of attacks.

-Dan Mica

Business intelligence is not simply an application, it's a journey.

-Butch Leonardson

These are not evil folks. But we know we can offer a similar service (payday loans) at a lot lower cost to our members.

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