A Choice Between Two Daves

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SPOKANE, Was. - (10/26/04) -- The credit union lobby was facedwith a choice between two Daves to succeed six-term Rep. JenniferDunn--popular talk show host Dave Ross, a Democrat, and RepublicanKing County prosecutor Dave Reichert, famous for his role incatching the 'Green River' mass murderer. After deliberations, thenod, along with a $5,000 check from CUNA, went to Reichert, along-time member of King County CU, according to Stacey Augustine,chief lobbyist for the Washington CU League. But the leaguerejected a rare in-person bid by Rep. George Nethecutt for itsendorsement in his race for the Senate, because two-term incumbentPatty Murray has been a strong credit union supporter. "He came toour offices but we told him we couldn't support him because Murrayhas always supported credit unions; and she is the incumbent,"Augustine told The Credit Union Journal, of the league's policy.The league has also endorsed long-time state Rep. Cathy McMorris, aRepublican, in the race to succeed Nethercutt.

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