Ads Target Bankers In D.C.

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To coincide with a meeting here last week by the Independent Community Bankers if America, CUNA and NAFCU sponsored ads in the Roll Call newspaper and in Congress Daily newsletter that says "big banks and community banks are fighting daily over market share." Credit unions, the ad states, are "Fighting for our 86 million members every day."

"We certainly were aware the ICBA would be in town, and are also quite aware that their core issue is the tension and competitiveness between so-called 'community banks' and large 'mega-banks,'" said CUNA VP-Political Affairs Richard Gose. "Frankly, we thought this an opportune time to point out this tension-and also note that credit unions realistically play no part in it. The fight is within the banking industry, not with credit unions."

Initial plans, according to Gose, are to continue the campaign with a number of new ads through the late spring and well into the summer.

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