Alabama's Shared Centers Agree To Cash Checks For Up To $200

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Alabama's Credit Union Service Center, the shared branch network in the state, has agreed to allow member CUs to cash checks up to $200 for any credit union member from Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi, regardless of whether their credit union was a member of the network, providing they can prove CU membership.

Campus FCU Permits Delayed Loan Payments, Offers Special Loans

BATON ROUGE, Ala.-Campus FCU is allowing members who live in affected ZIP codes to have their monthly loan payments waived for a period of 90 days provided the loan is in good standing. All late fees will be waived, but interest will accrue. The credit union is asking members to notify it where they are located.

Victims of storm damage can qualify for a 3.5% discount off loan rates for signature loans of $2,500 or more for any term, with the first payment also deferred for 90 days. No late fees will be charged. Members can get cash from Credit Union Service Centers, and its online services are operational.

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