Assailants Force Member To Withdraw CashFrom CU

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MARSHFIELD, Ct. - (02/09/05) -- A routine traffic stop for speedingled to the recovery of a stolen car and the arrest of two local menwho forced a Marshfield Medical Center CU member to go to hiscredit union and withdraw cash form his account. The two suspects,identified as Kevin Christiansen, 43, and Gordon Schmitt, 43, wentto the Stratford home of John Brogan, 24, and told him, 'it's payday, we're going to the bank,' according to police. The two men andBrogan then drove Brogan's van to the credit union and forced himto withdraw $600, then forced Brogan to sign over possession of hisan to them. After arrest of the two suspects, Brogan's $600 wasreturned to him.

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