ATM Servicers Sue Diebold Over NewMaintenance Polices

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SAN FRANCISCO - (10/19/04) -- A group of ATM servicers andmaintenance companies filed suit in federal court against DieboldInc. last week charging the ATM manufacturer is refusing to sellthem parts to service the popular Diebold machines. The Financialand Security Products Association, which represents 300 ATMservicers, charge in its suit that Diebold is conspiring to preventoutside vendors from servicing its machines. The group also claimsthe Diebold is refusing to disclose the password needed to performdiagnostics tests. The suit claims the Diebold is now requiringthat its existing customers wanting to upgrade their ATMs buy newkeyboards and encryption software exclusively from Diebold, andthat only a Diebold technician perform the installation.

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