ATM-Users Say They Would Welcome Biometric Efforts

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A majority of regular ATM users say they believe the usage of biometric identification at the machines would be a welcome improvement over the current PIN-based ID method.

Most popular among those surveyed: Handprint or fingerprint scans.

In a study conducted by SYNERGISTICS Research Corp., 1,000 people age 18 or older and with household incomes of $25,000 or more, consumers were asked which of a number of security measures they would find most acceptable for verifying identification and authorizing transactions at ATMs.

Fingerprint or handprint scanning was the preference of more than four in 10 ATM users.

One-fourth would prefer scanning of the eye, one in eight would prefer signature verification, and one-tenth would prefer voice recognition.

The survey then asked ATM users if they considered these types of security measures to be an improvement over using their ATM card and PIN.

Three-fourths (77%) of the ATM users indicate they find these innovations to be an improvement.

Interestingly, said the survey's analysts, this perception is wider-on a directional basis-among light ATM users.

Slightly more than one-fifth did not see the biometric systems as an improvement.

"The wide positive response from ATM users makes it clear that biometric methods of identification would be accepted by consumers, particularly handprint and fingerprint scanning," Genie M. Driskill, chief operations officer of SYNERGISTICS, stated, "Most see these methods as improvements over using a PIN and ATM card. Providers should give serious consideration to including these security measures when upgrading their ATM networks."

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