Biz Bites: One-To-One Marketing At The Heart Of Good Data

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The king of one-to-one marketing is, hands down, according to Spokane Teachers CU Business Development Manager Jackie Wright. "They're who we all look to as a model," Wright told attendees of The Credit Union Journal's SEG & Business Development Conference. "How do they do it? With an amazing database."

Wright developed STCU's first business development database to track the credit union's 100-plus SEGs.

"When you go to Amazon and you look up a particular book or product that you are interested in buying, what happens," Wright asked. "A little message pops up that says, 'people who bought this also enjoyed' several other books or products. They're cross selling. And they're cross selling based on what you've already shown an interest in, not just some random thing they hope you might be interested in."

The pioneers of one-to-one marketing are Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, who have published a number of books on the subject, Wright said.

And of course, if you go to Amazon and ask about "The One To One Future-Building Relationshps One At A Time," by Peppers and Rogers, you're sure to get a message suggesting that you might also enjoy "Enterprise One To One-Tools for Competing in the Interactive Age" and "One To One Fieldbook-The Complete Toolkit for Implementing a One to One Marketing Program."

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