Burglar Claimed $70,000 From Illinois CU

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GENOA, Ill. – A burglar who stole  $69,506 in cash and blank certified checks from Illinois Community CU during an overnight heist was sentenced Friday to 17 months in prison.

Rodger McCoy, 49, confessed to breaking into the second story of the credit union building on the night of January 8, then making his way into the credit union offices. The second-story break-in followed McCoy’s unsuccessful attempt to kick in a side door at the credit union.

The following day, McCoy surrendered himself to the Genoa Police and was arrested. The blank certified checks and most of the stolen funds were then recovered.

McCoy was also ordered to pay $2,780 in restitution to the credit union and $4,514 to Cincinnati Insurance Company for repairing the damage McCoy caused to the credit union's building.

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