Construction Leads Kansas CU To Begin Offering Curbside Service

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With its drive-through lanes out of commission during remodeling and expansion, Central Kansas Credit Union is offering curbside service to members in 1950s style.

"I told them no roller skates,'' CKCU President Jacque Cully told The Credit Union Journal.

Cully said the idea came about as a way to continue serving members during a $400,000 project that includes remodeling its lobby and widening the existing drive through lanes and adding a fourth one.

To compensate, the team came up with a plan that turned tellers into carhops and board members into greeters, she said.

A sign at the front of the $29-million CU advertised, "Park Here for Carhop Services.'' The temporary service, during which the tellers go directly to the member's car window to take and deliver their orders, was expected to be in operation through Memorial Day weekend.

"If all goes well, we should have one or two lanes ready to open by the end of this week,'' Cully said, adding that she expected recent rain to slow construction.

Board members and staff have also been serving as greeters and traffic managers, pointing members through the neighboring Mennonite Mutual Aid office to the credit union conference room serving as a makeshift main office.

M&M cookies and lemonade were offered to those who had to wait a few minutes in the crowded quarters to conduct their business.

Members who chose the carhop service were treated to a mint.

"Ninety nine percent of our members are enjoying it,'' Cully said, adding that some even displayed humor by ordering double cheeseburgers and shakes.

"We've even had a couple of members try to tip our tellers,'' she said.

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