Converted CUs Want Chance To Talk To DFCUMembers

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DEARBORN, Mich. - (03/15/06) – The Coalition for CU CharterOptions, started by executives of converted credit unions, hasjoined the controversy over DFCU Financial, the largest creditunion conversion bid yet. The group has called on DFCU OwnersUnited, a group challenging the conversion of the $1.8 billioncredit union, to allow it to present its case to DFCU Owners on thebenefits of a conversion to a mutual savings bank. In a letterobtained by The Credit Union Journal, the conversion advocatescriticize DFCU Owners for not including information on its websiteabout the Coalition, and says instead the group has become toofocused on the issue of insider enrichment, instead of thepotential benefits of a charter switch.

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