'Credit Union Mall' Officially Opens In Virginia

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Call Federal Credit Union, Connects Federal Credit Union and Richmond Federal Credit Union have officially opened what they believe is the first "Credit Union Mall."

Featured in The Credit Union Journal while in the planning stages, the three distinct credit unions will share the same building, but have their own lobbies that branch off a common entranceway, much like a "mall."

None of the credit unions have overlapping fields of membership. The idea originated with Call FCU, which serves Philip Morris Employees and other SEGs and has been growing quickly. After outgrowing its facility, the board felt that if it were going to go to the expense of building a new branch, it would be nice to offer space to two smaller credit unions that may not otherwise have been able to build a branch at the time.

Connects Federal Credit Union, which serves Verizon employees, and Richmond Federal Credit Union, which serves Richmond Federal employees, were approached and accepted.

The building contract was awarded to PW Campbell, Pittsburgh.

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