CUNA Backs Newcomers In HouseRaces

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WASHINGTON - (07/21/06) -- CUNA increased its focus last monthon supporting congressional newcomers as the campaign season heatedup, making contributions to seven candidates for open House seats.They include: Republican California Assemblyman Kevin McCarthy($5,000); Republican New York State Sen. Ray Meier ($5,000);Republican Nebraska State Rep. Adrian Smith ($5,000); RepublicanIllinois State Sen. Peter Roskam ($5,000); Democratic New YorkState Sen. Carl Andrews ($1,000); Democratic Iowa attorney BruceBraley ($5,000); and Republican Jeff Crank, a staffer with Rep.Joel Hefley, who is running for his boss's seat upon Hefley'sretirement ($5,000). CUNA has made contributions to more than 25congressional newcomers so far in the 2005-2006 elections. CUNAalso made contributions last month to three leadership PACs. Theywere: Democrats for the Future, run by Rep. Ellen Tauscher,D-Calif. ($2,500); Committee for the Preservation of Capitalism,run by Rep. Jim McCrery, R-La. ($5,000); and Back America'sConservatives, run by Rep. Richard Baker, R-La. ($5,000). CUNA hascontributed more than $250,000 to leadership PACs in the currentelection cycle.

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