CUNA Cultivates CongressionalLeaders

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WASHINGTON - (05/20/05) -- CUNA reported Thursday it continuesto focus its campaign contributions on key congressional leaders,with donations last month to Rep. Richard Baker, R-La., chairman ofa House Financial Services subcommittee ($1,000) and Rep. RahmEmanuel, D-ll., chairman of the Democratic Congressional CampaignCommittee, as well as Rep. Dennis Moore, D-Kan., who is drafting aCUNA-backed regulatory relief bill ($5,000). In addition CUNAcontinues to contribute to so-called leadership PACs, politicalaction committee operated for the benefit of top congressionalleaders, making contributions last month to Senate Majority LeaderBill Frist's Volunteer PAC ($4,000); Senate Minority Leader HarryReid's Searchlight Leadership Fund ($1,000); Senate BankingCommittee member Elizabeth Dole's The Leadership Circle ($5,000);and Rep. Dan Burton's Hoosier PAC ($5,000), as well as Burton'spersonal campaign fund ($5,000). CUNA made a total of $116,000 incampaign contributions last month and ended the month with $345,000of cash in its PAC.

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