CUNA, Intelli-Check In Alliance

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CUNA has formed a strategic alliance with Intelli-Check Inc. to offer the company's ID-Check document verification devices to its affiliated credit unions.

"This is a unique product that creates the ability for credit unions to do some front end checking" when, for instance, a prospective member seeks to establish a new account, said Wes Millar, CUNA's VP-strategic alliances.

CUNA is trying to help CUs comply with the customer-identification requirements of the USA Patriot Act. The ID- Check desktop terminal verifies driver's licenses, military IDs, and other identification cards by comparing their magnetic stripes or bar codes against current standards.

Frank Mandelbaum, the chairman and chief executive officer of Intelli-Check, Woodbury, N.Y., said 46 U.S. states and six Canadian provinces use two-dimensional bar codes or mag stripes on their driver's licenses. The device analyzes the data codes for conformity with the 240 encoding formats used by state governments and other issuers of ID cards, he said.

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