CUNA Makes Annual Tithe To PoliticalParties

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WASHINGTON - (02/22/06) -- CUNA said it contributed a total of$105,000 to the Republican and Democratic parties last month, thetrade association's annual donations to the two parties. Separatechecks of $15,000 each went to the Republican Governor'sAssociation, the National Republican Congressional Committee, theNational Republican Senatorial Committee, the Republican NationalCommittee, as well as the Democratic Congressional CampaignCommittee, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee andDemocratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. CUNA contributes themaximum $15,000 to each of the committees every year, making atotal of $210,000 going to the groups in the current 2005-2006election cycle. CUNA also made contributions last month to: TheHouse Conservatives Fund, a leadership PAC aimed at electingRepublicans to the House ($5,000); Jeff Lamberti, Republicanpresident of the Iowa Senate, running for the House ($3,000); Rep.Kenny Marchant, R-Texas ($2,500); Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas ($2,500);Rep. Kevin Brady, R-Texas ($2,500); and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison,R-Texas ($2,500), among others.

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