CUNA Paid Mica $1.6 Million

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WASHINGTON – CUNA on Monday reported it paid its recently departed president and CEO Dan Mica $1.6 million in 2009, putting Mica among the two dozen highest-paid lobbyists in Washington.

Mica’s compensation included base salary of $828,000, bonus and incentive compensation of $487,000, retirement contribution of $219,000 and reimbursement of expenses of $67,000.

Mica’s compensation was down from almost $1.9 million he was paid in 2009, largely as a result of lower contributions to incentive compensation (made up of contributions to a 457(F) plan, a type of non-qualified deferred-compensation retirement plan) and deferred compensation., according to Harriet May, chairman of the CUNA board. Mica’s 2008 compensation included a $439,000 retention bonus.

In comparison, NAFCU paid its president and CEO Fred Becker total compensation of $608,759 last year. That included base pay of $354,072, bonus and incentive compensation of $150,000, other reportable compensation of $17,957, retirement and other deferred compensation of $76,173, and non-taxable benefits of $10,557.

CUNA also reported compensation for its top executives of: $455,900 for Richard McBride, Mica’s top aide; $362,495 for Eric Richard, general counsel; $365,273 for John Franklin, chief operating officer; $321,394 for Bill Hampel, chief economist; $290,327 for John Magill, chief lobbyist; $280,380 for Susan Newton, head of league relations; $227,602 for Richard Gose, head of political action; $213,036 for Joanne Duncan, chief financial officer; and $203,735 for Mark Wolff, head of public affairs.

Those figures represented raises of between 3% and 7%.

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