CUs Still Need Help With Check 21

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If you think document storage solutions are just about finding a place to tuck records out of the way, think again. Think, for example, about Check 21.

"One of the things that was surprising to us is that no one is coming to us to ask about what we can do to help them with Check 21 compliance, because they don't know that they should," explained Joey Leffel of the Vista, Calif.-based Blue Point Solutions, a provider of document storage solutions. "This isn't just document management, it's image management, and that's what Check 21 is all about."

With such innovations as capture of images right at the teller station, check images can be automatically recorded at the time of presentment, not only cutting down on float time but also helping to catch errors, such as a bad MICR line, earlier in the process. Such mistakes can be caught and corrected immediately at the teller line, rather than not being found until the check makes its way to the back office.

It's essentially real-time presentment, allowing credit unions to send check images directly to their corporate CU or the Fed without any courier fees, she related.

With its easy-to-navigate folder and tree structure, the credit union can instantly access a member's account history and the corresponding images. So, it's not just a cost savings, it's also a time savings that leads to better member service.

"You can do in almost no time what could take several days otherwise," she commented. "We will actually come to your credit union to help you determine what you need and how we can help."

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