CUs Straddle Between SenateCandidates

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COLUMBIA, S.C. - (08/24/04) -- The credit union lobby has beenreluctant to weigh in in the race for the state's open Senate seat,one of a handful of races expected to determine which partycontrols the Senate next Congress. While CUNA and the SouthCarolina CU League have contributed campaign funds to RepublicanRep. Jim DeMint, they have refused to endorse DeMint over hisDemocratic opponent, Inez Tanenbaum, the state's superintendent foreducation, because both candidates have issued letters of supportfor credit unions which includes endorsement of the tax exemption,according to Jim Nunamaker, lobbyist for the South Carolina league."So, we're good, either way it falls," Nunamaker told The CreditUnion Journal. The two are vying to succeed Democratic Sen. Ernest'Fritz' Hollings, who is retiring after seven terms. Former Rep.Bob Engliss, who lost to DeMint in the 2000 Republican primary, isfavored to reclaim the congressional seat being vacated byDeMint.

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