Dems Lay Filibuster Trap For Bankruptcy Bill

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Once again, the bankruptcy reform bill slid right through the House on its first try in an impressive bipartisan vote, 315-to-113. And once again, the Senate is expected to pass the credit union-backed bill by a similar bipartisan margin.

But there's just one problem: once again, it's the poison pill that killed the bill last year.

That is the abortion protest language sponsored by Democrat Sen. Charles Schumer and supported by several of his Democratic colleagues.

The House passed its bill without the so-called Schumer amendment and the Senate is expected to try a similar ploy. Schumer's people aren't talking publicly about their strategy and wouldn't return phone calls seeking comment.

But several Democratic senators are expected to try to filibuster the bill, unless the Schumer amendment, which would bar abortion clinic protesters from shielding their assets under bankruptcy, is added back in.

That's what Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle told The Credit Union Journal. Daschle said he expects several of his colleagues to try and block the bill again based on the absence of the Schumer amendment.

But Daschle said he will continue to support the measure as he has in the past. "I always have," he said.

Credit union lobbyists expect the filibuster move and are preparing for it. "We're going to need 60 votes, either way," said CUNA lobbyist Gary Kohn, of the number of senators needed to override a filibuster.

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