Diebold Starts Counting LooseChange

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NORTH CANTON, Ohio - (11/17/05) -- ATM maker Diebold Inc., saying itwants to help Americans rid themselves of more than $10 billion incoins, introduced its own coin counting machine Wednesday. Thecompany's CointCount machine will help credit unions and banksexpand their service offerings by providing fast coin-countingright outside the branch. The machines will be offered in twomodels which will provide a receipt that can be presented to ateller in exchange for currency. The systems will separate coinsfrom debris, like jewelry, paper clips and other items that oftenget stuck in with loose change. The non-coin items will be returnedto the customer through a pocket in the front of the machine. Afterusing CointCount, customers can take their receipts to a DieboldRemoteTeller ATM to deposit the funds in their accounts.

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