Dynamic Card Solutions Wins Flat Cards Patent

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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. – DataCard Corp. said its recently acquired Dynamic Card Solutions unit has been granted a U.S. patent on instant issuance printing technology for unembossed “flat” financial cards.

The patent describes the ability to produce – at the branch level – financial cards from blank card stock, including the ability to print unembossed financial cards instantly using reverse retransfer film with inhibitor panels.

“As debit and credit cards continue to be the convenient payment method of choice, many financial institutions are instantly issuing card products with multiple background images to associate their cards with affinity programs and/or institutional branding,” said Ron Zanotti, senior vice president of financial instant issuance for DataCard Group. “This type of personalization at the branch level is an affordable way that financial institutions can increase service levels, increase revenue generation on cards and cross-sell other card products.”

Dynamic Card, acquired last month by DataCard, said its CardWizard software platform enables instant issuance of permanent financial cards, including debit, credit, ATM or prepaid cards, at the branch level.

The new patent specifically outlines the CardWizard software’s ability to print standard background designs, custom images, cardholder’s name, expiration date, logos, PAN and CVV/CVV2 codes in real time on full, over-the-edge retransfer film instead of directly on the card, using inhibitor panels to inhibit the retransfer film from transferring to the card on such areas as the signature panel, magnetic stripe or contact chip.


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