Ensweiler Takes The (PAC) Plunge

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The Texas Credit Union League asked credit unionists what would they do to help preserve the credit union movement-but fortunately, the league didn't expect everyone to jump out of a perfectly good airplane...just its CEO.

TCUL CEO Dick Ensweiler helped raise $13,568-well over the $10,000 goal-for TCUL PAC by parachuting from an airplane at 13,000 feet. Letters to credit unionists from TCUL PAC read, "Dick is willing to jump out of an airplane. What are you willing to do?"

Ensweiler went through some six hours of classroom instruction before taking his big leap of faith, with contributors invited to spectate from the safety of terra firma. Upon reaching the ground unscathed, Ensweiler's immediate comment was, "What a rush!" adding, "if it helps beat back the bankers, it's worth it!"

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