Ent FCU Tests Contingency Plan

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Over a recent weekend, Ent Federal Credit Union put more than 120 of its employees through their paces in a test of its back-up systems to ensure its contingency planning is up to snuff.

The exercise scenario assumed that all capabilities at Ent's headquarters were lost and call center and service center support needed to be provided at a separate, undisclosed local location.

The CU said the results verified that Ent could provide full-service support to members using back-up systems in the event of a disaster.

"The exercise was designed to train and prepare our employees on how to respond in the event of an emergency," said Charles Emmer, CEO of Ent. "In addition to a crisis plan, we believe in continuously testing systems and employees to ensure our members and the community will have access to financial services, even in a time of crisis."

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