Experian Targets Pre-Approved CarBuyers

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COSTA MESA, Calif. - (04/18/05) -- Experian said it has introduced anew target-marketing tool that helps identify shoppers who arecurrently in the market to buy a vehicle, then pre-qualifies themfor financing using credit criteria established specifically by thelender. Auto Prospect Online Credit allows credit unions and otherlenders to drive targeted prospects to specified dealers, givingthe lenders help in forging marketing partnerships with both thedealers and the buyers. The tool, aimed at increasing loan volumesand strengthening indirect lending partnerships, can be implementedby a lender using their own brand. Dealers with access to alender's web site can launch a pre-approved direct marketingcampaign by simply choosing the vehicle they plan to market, thegeography, mail quantity, and desired credit made available by thelender.

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