Family Calls For Federal Probe In Police Shooting Of CU CEO

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NEWARK, N.J.-As state prosecutors released more information on the fatal shooting of Credit Union of Atlanta CEO DeFarra "Dean" Gaymon, his family called for a federal probe into the incident.

According to state officials, an undercover detective had dropped a pair of handcuffs earlier in the day during a separate arrest and went back to retrieve them at the park, where Gaymon, 48, allegedly approached the officer in the midst of a "sex act" and then solicited a sex act. The officer allegedly showed his badge to Gaymon, who responded by striking him and running. The officer allegedly chased him down and scuffled with Gaymon. The CEO then allegedly threatened the officer and tried to disarm him while at the same time reaching towards his own pocket, at which time the detective shot and killed Gaymon.

Gaymon was in New Jersey to attend his high school reunion; the park in which he was shot was notorious for public sex acts. According to WXIA-TV in Atlanta, the father of four's family released a statement condemning the shooting, defending Gaymon as a "nonviolent, nonaggressive and nonthreatening person." They called the detective's story "illogical, inconsistent, nonsensical, twisted, jumbled, bizarre and, on its face, obviously false," and blamed Gaymon's death on "a local community where law enforcement officers are shooting and killing individuals at an alarming rate."

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