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Credit Union: Lee County Postal Employee's CU, Ft. Myers, Fla., $5 Million

Scenario: Everything Is Up To Date-If Time Stopped In The 1970s

Recommendations: Paint, Carpeting And Accents Could Do A Lot

The DEI Design Team

Paint the ceiling soffits a cream color to lessen the bulkiness. Use an accent color on one ceiling element to define the detail of the ceiling. Remove all burgundy in the space by having a millwork shop re-laminate or resurface the casework with a warm wood. Paint the walls a rich medium-toned paint color. Keep the colors on the walls not the casework.

For future updating it is more economical to repaint than to buy new furnishings and casework. Paint the rails a color instead of trying to down play them. With an element this large it's not going to go away by using a neutral paint. Accent them and make them interesting.

Purchase new carpet that is warm and neutral colored. Put frosted vinyl graphic on the glass of the offices instead of vertical blinds. Vertical blinds are too heavy but the frosted vinyl will open up the space and give it an updated look. Put promotional posters in changeable frames.

Remove all of the clutter on the walls. Purchase storage with doors. A clutter-free environment conveys organization and security for members, trusting that you company is professional and secure.

Jim Caliendo, PWCampbell, Pittsburgh

In the front of your building, remove and replace the gold glass with clear glass for an updated, more open appearance. Replace the partition glass near the front door with fabric or a piece of glass frosted with your name and logo.

Remove all visible hanging files in the lobby area. Behind the teller line, invest in a large, attractive merchandising sign that can be changed every quarter.

The community and regulatory boards near the front door look sloppy and unappealing. Purchase new ones and keep them neat and tidy.

In your back office, throw away any old binders and purchase a storage cabinet with doors. Hide any hanging electrical wires and cables. Consider hanging wall shelves with doors for storage.

Through your interior, consider painting the paneling and adding a soft, decorative border. Purchase new artwork and furniture and invest in updated flooring and lighting.

Ralph LaMacchia, The LaMacchia Group

The paneling shrinks the room and darkens the space. The amber glass panels also tie the space to a time period that is gone. The 2 x4 lay-in ceiling tile with the suspended florescent fixtures is also a dated look and those fixtures are an inefficient way to light the space. You could put in new ceiling tile in a two-by-two grid, parabolic lens lights, and perhaps a wall sconce or two for atmosphere. The terrazzo floor is expensive and durable, but loud. Perhaps, some areas could be carpeted. The ideas are many, but the dollars for the budget are often not.

The theme of small buildings with no space, time or budget is not unique to you. Many credit unions have this same situation. When you choose a partner to remodel, they must also buy into your program and budget.

A true provider of service does not look at project size, rather the size of the problem to the owner.

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