GOP Redistricting Plan Could Fall ShortIn Texas

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AUSTIN, Texas - (11/01/04) -- Democratic House members carefullytargeted under the Republican Party's controversial redistrictingplan are running stronger than expected, with several of those onthe GOP's 'Hit List' expected to survive on election day. "TheDemocrats are doing better than (the Republican authors of theplan) thought they would, but I still expect the Republicans to geta net pick-up," of the state's House seats," Buddy Gill, politicaldirector for the Texas CU League, told The Credit Union Journal.Early projections for the redistricting plan had the Democratslosing as many as six of their 17 House seats in Texas, givingRepublicans a majority of the state's 32-member House delegation.But several of the targeted Democrats, including some major creditunion supporters, may survive the attempted purge, said Gill. Thatincludes 13-termer Martin Frost, despite the credit unions' bestefforts to defeat him. Frost, a long-time credit union ally, wasthrown into a race against another strong credit union supporterRepublican Pete Sessions, by the redistricting. The credit unionlobby, forced to choose between two friends, is working hard toelect Sessions, with campaign funding, and volunteers canvassingthe neighborhoods on his behalf, according to Gill. Other Democratsfighting for survival are: Charles Stenholm, Max Sandlin, NickLampson and Chet Edwards.

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