Group Of Ex-CUs Presses To Meet With Mich. Group

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The Coalition for Credit Union Charter Options, a group of credit unions that have converted into banks, has sent a letter to DFCU Owners United, a group challenging the conversion of DFCU Financial Credit Union, claiming it has been denied an opportunity to make a presentation to a meeting of the group. By not responding to its request, said the Coaltion, "you have seen fit to deny (members) a complete perspective on the issues at hand. Obviously, your group is not interested in helping members become well-informed about conversions." The letter criticizes DFCU Owners United, which is comprised of members, former board members and former employees of the CU, for not including information on its website about the Coalition, and says instead the group has become "intently concerned" over the issue of insider enrichment (see related coverage, page 8).

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