Guten Tag: Wisconsin's CUs Invited To Visit Germany

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The Wiconsin Credit Union League is inviting Wisconsinites to participate in a joint education effort with their credit union counterparts in Germany.

Germany's fourth-largest credit union, the Volksbank Giessen-Friedberg, located in the state of Hessen, is inviting credit union staff or volunteers to participate in an educational exchange program.

"By participating in the exchange, you'd spend two to three weeks visiting the credit union in Germany, learning first-hand from staff and volunteers how the credit union operates," noted the league.

"The credit union has more than 1,000 employees, holds $3.1 billion in assets (equivalent to 2.9 billion Euros) and has 77 branches. Among Germany's approximately 1,450 credit unions, Volksbank Giessen-Friedberg is among the most diversified," the Wisconsin league reported.

"We're involved in universal banking, real estate, investments, insurance and much more," Anthony Bindewald, District Manager, said. "The credit union also operates a lending call center and has an eight-person mobile service center."

As part of the exchange, a visitor from Volksbank Giessen-Friedberg will stay in Wisconsin and work at a Wisconsin credit union.

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