Hedging Your Bets On ElectionDay

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DENVER - (10/25/04) -- The Colorado CU System has made anunusual endorsement in the race for the state's third congressionaldistrict--they have decided to endorse both candidates, less theyoffend either one who may represent the district in the nextCongress. Both Democrat John Salazar (Guadalupe Parish CU) andRepublican Greg Walcher (Western Rockies FCU) are long-time creditunion members and support credit unions on the issues, according toTerri Johnson, spokesman for the league. "We're in the business ofmaking friends, not enemies," Johnson told The Credit UnionJournal, of the league's election guide touting both opponents.Florida credit unions had a similar dilemma choosing betweenDemocrat Betty Castor and Republican Mel Martinez for Senate, sothey too are backing both. "We feel both candidates are very strongsupporters of credit unions, so credit unions are going to bewinners, no matter which one comes out on top," said Mark Ivestor,spokesman for the Florida CU League. Both the league and its creditunion members have participated in fundraising events for bothopponents.

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