How Members Play Role In Driving Efficiencies At Some Branches

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DAYTON, Ohio-Looking to improve branch efficiency? Let members schedule their own appointments.

That's one way efficient CUs are reducing costs and focusing staff on more productive tasks in today's ROA-challenged environment, shared Bob Tramontano, VP-marketing for NCR Financial Services. "Letting members schedule their own appointments through your electronic platforms is a great service and saves the credit union a lot of time."

NCR offers a software application, called APTRA Self Scheduler, that allows members to make appointments via the Internet, a mobile device, or a self-service terminal.

If members make a request and the appointment time is already booked, the Self Scheduler software shows the next best available time, and also offers the chance to meet at another branch at the requested time if an appointment is available. "Members can make the tradeoff on whether time or location is most important," Tramontano said. "This manages members' requests for interaction based on staffing levels and the credit union is not wasting any time making this appointment since it is handled electronically."

Self Scheduler prepares CU staff to speak with the member, providing account relationship information. It also reminds members of the appointment, letting members choose how they want to be reminded-e-mail or text message.

NCR includes Self Scheduler as part of its overall Branch Effectiveness Modeling program-which analyzes branch workflow, traffic, and transaction patterns, as well as all areas of CU service-and then provides recommendations on using technology to automate functions.

As credit unions add technology and new communications endpoints, such as mobile banking, NCR emphasizes the importance of carefully managing all communications channels so members have a similar experience across them all. "It's presence and preference. When the credit union says it knows who I am, are they speaking about Bob Tramontano the business executive who travels all the time, the father and husband, or the weekend DIY guy? Based on my presence, where I am at the time, my profile may change and my propensity to buy something may change. Credit unions have to be even more connected with their members." For info:

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