How Not To React While Demonstrating Responsiveness

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VIENNA, Va.-When "ragers" crop up on social media to complain about a credit union, the public should be aware that the CU is listening, suggested James Robert Lay, CEO at PTP New Media, a Web-based social marketing company.

"Setting up listening tools like Twitter RSS feeds and Google Alerts will allow a credit union to easily monitor their brand mentions in the online world," Lay said. That way, CUs can "address concerns and engage when needed, even if the conversation is being facilitated on an anti-CU platform."

Respond to a rager publicly by tweeting "We hear you and would love to continue the conversation offline," Lay suggested. "Otherwise, if all responses are done behind-the-scenes, others watching the conversation may think the organization never followed up." Additionally, CUs can send a "direct message" to the rager, reminding the complainer never to disclose financial information via Twitter.

"Those who are disgruntled will at least know they are being heard by the credit union, which is many times all they want," explained Lay.

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