It's Nice to Share: CEO Pitches DP Strategy

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SAN BERNARDINO, Calif.-More credit unions have to share data processing systems.

That's the opinion of Gregg Stockdale, CEO of the $35-million 1st Valley CU. "If the small credit union down the street gets on same data processor with me I can run their share draft program for them. We'd pick up their back-office functions. But everyone makes data processing a silo. That can't work anymore. There's too much pressure to collaborate."

Yet the very small credit unions have to be more open, said Stockdale, who believes the tiny CUs are more willing to work with credit unions that are not the big boys. "There are tiny places that are overwhelmed. But if someone mentored them they would be fine. However small credit unions often don't allow themselves to be mentored, because first thing they are afraid of is that someone will want to merge them."

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