Labor Board Finds CUNA Mutual ComplicitIn Union Separation Bid

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MADISON, Wis. - (12/16/04) -- The National Labor Relations Boardsaid it is preparing to issue a complaint against CUNA Mutual Groupfor unfair labor practices, including efforts to aid an attempt fora decertification of the company's union and to separate it intodifferent bargaining units. The charges, which must now beadjudicated by the National Labor Relations Authority, allege thatCUNA Mutual engaged in a number of anti-labor activities, includingthreatening of members of the union, the Local 39 of the Office andProfessional International Employees Union, bypassing the union todeal directly with employees on labor negotiations, and aiding andpossible initiating the efforts to separate white collar workersfrom the main bargaining unit. "If the company wants to fight itout we can fight it out," Kurt Kobelt, a union attorney told TheCredit Union Journal. "But we hope this will get the company to goback and reassess their bargaining tactics." Sydney Lindner, aspokesman for CUNA Mutual, said that the union's complaints dealtwith a large number of issues, many that were rejected. Others, shesaid, focused on events that occurred last spring and have beenresolved.

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