Lawyer Sanctioned For BankruptcyPloy

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WATERTOWN, N.Y. - (06/08/05) -- A lawyer representing Northern FCUin a bankruptcy case was cited and reprimanded by the U.S.Bankruptcy Court for claiming the assets of a member'sfiancĚ should be included in a bankruptcy petition and ripefor collection. The lawyer's claim, insisted U.S. Bankruptcy JudgeRobert Littlefield, Jr., was so flawed that the credit union shouldalso be penalized for relying on his counsel. In his brief with thecourt, attorney David Antonucci had argued that the member had moreassets than he disclosed in a Chapter 7 petition and that themember had been funneling money that should have been available torepay debts into his fiance's home and living expenses for herchildren. The judge wrote that Antonucci had admitted on severaloccasions that neither he or the credit union had evidence tosupport his allegations.

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