Letters To The Editor: Lesson In Economics Is Needed

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CUNA's Dr. Bill Hampel needs a lesson in economics. The article (CU Journal, Aug. 8) stated, "Hampel sees this as a troubling trend. 'If you don't grow, you die,'" he told The Credit Union Journal.

This is a for-profit rabid-capitalistic view, and not that of credit unions and is not even a basic rule of economics.

In fact, there are literally tens of thousands, likely millions, of small businesses that have reached an optimum size and remained that size for literally generations, some for over 250 years.

Mr. Hampel's view reflects a disease inside the American business scene, and a source of many of the problems we see cropping up in America today. It does credit unions a real disservice to see this philosophy presented by a spokesman for CUNA.

Robert Tice

Columbia Community Credit Union

Vancouver, Wash.

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