Liberty Initiative To Assist Texas CUs With HELOCs

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Liberty Marketing Services, a division of Liberty Enterprises that provides multi-channel marketing services to credit unions, has rolled out an initiative to help Texas-based credit unions capitalize on a change in state law that allows financial institutions to sell home equity lines of credit (HELOC). Liberty Marketing Services developed a Market Assessment and Action Kit that the company says allows credit unions to "rapidly pinpoint the HELOC market potential in their region, communicate with members via direct mail, educate members about the product and target specific members and prospects based on credit and tax-record data."

The kit includes a Member Approval List that appends a credit union's member data with full-tax home value, date of deed, property ID number, household income, Beacon score and other critical data points to produce a final list of only those members that have sufficient home equity and ability to repay the loan; a Site Analysis that details demographics, household composition, a direct-mail campaign, and more. For info: Tony Rizzo at (800) 607-2435, ext. 5443.

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