Louisiana League Contacts LostStaffer

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BATON ROUGE, La. - (09/12/05) -The Louisiana Credit Union League hasfinally made contact with its one staffer who was still unaccountedfor after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the New Orleans area, where theleague's regular offices-and most of its staff-call home. GayleBoudreaux, a veteran bookkeeper at LCUL chose to ride out the stormin a house she owns with her ex-husband in River Ridge in JeffersonParish, just a few miles west of beleaguered New Orleans. Accordingto LCUL's Alicia Blanda, Boudreaux's house suffered some flooding,and the electricity is still out, but with phone service recentlyrestored, she was able to contact the league to let them know shewas all right. Blanda said she believed that Bodreaux would beallowed to remain in her home, though Jefferson Parish officialsare not recommending it.

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