Member Needs Two Hours To Sort $8K In Change

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Jeff Knight, a member of Northwest FCU, has made the largest single coin deposit at the credit union to date. Knight, a member since 1998, deposited $8,801.31 in change after collecting coins in five-gallon water bottles for the past nine years. The record-breaking deposit brought in: 10,416 pennies, 1,851 nickels, 2,861 dimes, 4,828 quarters, 7,639 half dollars and 3,292 silver dollar coins. "I had no idea how much money was actually there," said Knight. "But I was never tempted to use any of it-I just wanted to keep saving, saving."

Redeeming the coins took almost two hours and several NWFCU employees stayed late to hear the final total. NWFCU's coin machines are free to members, saving Knight approximately $792 in fees when compared to other coin counting service kiosks which impose transaction fees of up to 9% of the total deposit, the credit union said.

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