Members To Set Rules For BoardElections

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VANCOUVER, Wash. - (07/13/06) – The supervisory committee atColumbia CU weighed in on the ongoing controversy over the pendingboard elections Tuesday by allowing members to make the rules forthe voting. In special meeting July 22 members of the $720 millioncredit union will be asked to vote on the following questions:should candidates be permitted to make 500-word statements in theColumbia Community CU voters pamphlet and on the Web site forannual elections? should the credit union be prohibited fromendorsing and promoting candidates for elected credit union seats?And should credit union officials be prohibited from spending thefinancial institution's funds to promote specific candidates forthese seats? The vote is a response to the three-year-old battleover control of the credit union, torn apart by the 2003 failedattempt to convert Columbia CU into a mutual savings bank. Membersare scheduled to vote on three board of director seats and foursupervisory committee positions, which will culminate in the annualmeeting on August 29.

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