Michigan CUL Presents State Media With $301.60 Bill

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The Michigan league has sent media across the state a piggy bank and a "301.60" bill to illustrate that for the average consumer credit union membership saves them that amount each year versus doing business with a bank.

In the letter to media, MCUL's Lori Z. Bahnmuller, VP-association services, asks, "This little piggy went to the credit union. Why?" The letter than answers the question, before outlining other benefits of credit union membership, including a higher level of service as recorded in the annual consumer surveys conducted by The American Banker.

"Still, the bank lobbyists don't much care for credit unions-rregardless of the positive consumer benefits credit unions generate throughout the retial banking market," Bahnmuller wrote. "Recently, the bankers disdain for the credit union industry has evolved into a grassroots political campaign to force not-for-profit credit unions to pay corporate income taxes. And in doing so, eliminate a key market force that helps keep retial banking affordable for this little piggy."

Bahnmuller closes by enouraging media to get in touch with the league for more info.

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