Modern Day 'Bonnie' Found Guilty Of CrimeSpree

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SAN DIEGO - (04/28/05) -- A 35-year-old female bandit, calledthe most prolific female bank robber in recent California history,pleaded guilty Tuesday to a two-year crime spree that terrorizedbank and credit union employees and customers the past two years.Shannin Marsh, who may be responsible for as many as a dozen armedrobberies at area financial institutions and businesses, as well asa series of bomb threats at the U.S. Marines' nearby CampPendleton, wept as she pleaded guilty to seven felony charges.Marsh, who authorities likened to bank robber Bonnie Parker, ofBonnie and Clyde fame, was arrested last November after she wasidentified by an employee at Pacific Marine CU from a surveillancevideo. The employee identified Marsh as the woman who robbed thecredit union in September 2003, and again last October. Aftersearching Marsh's home, police found a robbery note, hidden in apink bag in the master bedroom closet. Marsh is also believed tohave robbed USA FCU and Great American CU.

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