Modern Day 'Bonnie' Imprisoned For CrimeSpree

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SAN DIEGO - (06/13/05) -- A 35-year-old female bandit, calledthe most prolific female bank robber in recent California history,was sentenced last week to six years and eight months in jail for ato a two-year crime spree that terrorized bank and credit unionemployees and customers over two years. Shannin Marsh, who policebelieve was responsible for as many as a dozen armed robberies atarea financial institutions and businesses, as well as a series ofbomb threats at the U.S. Marines' nearby Camp Pendleton, pleadedguilty to seven felony charges in April. Marsh wept as sheapologized to her husband of 16 years and her two teenage children,who she said she had embarrassed. Marsh, who authorities likened tobank robber Bonnie Parker, of Bonnie and Clyde fame, was identifiedby an employee at Pacific Marine CU from a surveillance video asthe woman who robbed the credit union in September 2003, and againlast October. Marsh is also believed to have robbed USA FCU andGreat American CU.

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