More Than 600 Visit CU Booth At Fair

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More than 600 visitors to the L.A. County Fair stopped by a credit union-sponsored booth to see if they were eligible to join. At the booth fair-goers received a demonstration in how to use the California Credit Union League's CU Match Up program to find a credit union for which they may be eligible.

"Well over a million people visit the L.A. County Fair every year from all over Southern California. Establishing a presence at the fair was a valuable tool for raising consumer awareness about the resources and values credit unions offer and acquainting them with the CU Match Up Program," said Nancy Dotson, Foundation services manager for the League.

Among the CUs and vendors helping to sponsor or man the booth: Arrowhead CU, Credit Union Direct Lending, Energy 1 st CU, Kinecta FCU, LA Financial CU, Orange County's CU, Printing Industries CU, Priority One CU, SCE FCU, Wescom CU, and the league itself.

Visitors to the booth were invited to complete a "Match Up" quiz and enter a drawing for a trip for four on the Grand Canyon Railway. The prize was won by Gwen Vineyard, of San Bernardino, Calif.

At the CU Match Up web site, visitors complete a series of simple fields such as city, state, zip, occupation, religious affiliation, and employer information. This input is compared to the information in a database, and the user's web browser displays a list of credit unions he or she may be eligible to join. Searchers may opt to learn more information by clicking on the name of a credit union on the list.

CU Match Up displays detailed information about each credit union such as website, e-mail, address, branch locations, and phone and fax numbers. By completing other information fields, a searcher can request that a selected credit union contact him or her. The information is e-mailed directly to the selected credit union so it can provide additional information to the potential member and extend an invitation of membership.

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