NAFCU Breaks Out The CampaignFunds

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ARLINGTON, Va. - (02/01/05) -- NAFCU's political action committeemade major strides during the last elections, doubling its campaigncontributions to $292,000 and its fundraising to $330,000. BradThaler, vice president of government affairs said NAFCU's boardmade a concerted effort to expend more of the association'sresources to political action in the 2003-2004 elections. Theadditional funds available allowed NAFCU to some things it hadn'tbeen able to in the past, including attending the Republican andDemocratic conventions and contributing to congressional leadershipPACs. Thaler said NAFCU wanted to cite Members 1st FCU ofMechanicsburg, Pa., as winner of its 'White Hat' award for thesecond straight year for raising the most money for NAFCU's PAC,$45,000.

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